Because of its geographic location, as the entryway for food products from Africa and Asia, and because of its Mediterranean climate, Spain produces a wealth of farm-grown plant and animal products. But the influence of other cultures has also had a clear impact on the variety in Spanish cuisine.


Many African and Asian products were introduced with the arrival of the Phoenicians, and the Greeks brought new fruits and vegetables with them. The Romans handed down to us the almazara, or oil press, in order to supply the Imperial capital with excellent olive oil, which is still a staple in the kitchens of Spain and half the world over. Other Roman legacies are the bodegas, or wine cellars, and pig-raising practices in Spanish pasturelands, which supplied the most sophisticated Imperial tables with exquisite ham, and continues to delight select palates today. In turn, the Arabs left their mark on our culinary tradition through recipes such as escabeches, or marinades, and marzipan.


Thus, Spain offers a wide variety of agri-food products, which TÁBULA places at the disposal of its customers through a selection of the best products from our culinary tradition. TÁBULA can obtain any premium product from anywhere within Spain, always guaranteeing top quality and excellent flavour in the products of our homeland.